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Coffee Shop | Coffee Capsules | Tea | Herbs

coffee eshop athens

PETIT CATERING with catering experience in collaboration with COFFEE LAB specializing in coffee,
they created a renewed model of a coffee and food shop.

Espresso, filter, filter aromatic, Greek, tea and herbs.
In capsules compatible with Nespresso machines, in grains or freshly ground!

Order online, easily and quickly your favorite coffee for home or office.
With one click at your door!

With every order FREE 10 BRAZIL CAPSULES

(all coffee grinder products do not participate in discount - promotional actions)

Customer Service Manager Mr Kon/nos Augeris kin. 6945107140

New Delivery Catering Service at home or in the office,
with catering shipments to ALL OF ATTICA. Direct delivery to the center of Athens.

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